Swedish Treats!

Great Swedish Treats!

Every now and then, I receive a package from other side the great oceans. It is often a medium sized, brown package and when I see it, I immediately know who it’s from. My family! =o)

They send me some great swedish treats every now and then, like the products on the image above. There’s Kalles Kaviar, which is a caviar spread for your sandwich. Fjällbrynt Messmör, a type of condensed milk paste, also for you sandwich. Kött & Grill krydda which is a very good and versatile spice and Knorr Dressing is a dressing you mix with water and pour over the salad. Then there’s Lingonsylt (lingon berry jam) that we swedes use excessively with our famous meatballs! And finally, the northern gold, Hjortronsylt (Cloudberry jam), a very special jam made of cloud berries that grow in Northern Scandinavia. It’s absolutely delicious! These are just some of the swedish treats.

On June 13, 2010, I will be attending the Lucia celebration that the Swedish-New Zealand Association are having. They always offer some special swedish goodies such as the Ginger Snap Cookies, Saffron Bread, Glögg (spicy wine) and many other things. You should join us! =o)

Ok, time for an evening sandwich with some Messmör. Mmmm…..=o)

Lucia celebration in Wellington, 2008


2 responses to “Swedish Treats!

  1. I know!! O få paket hemifrån kan verkligen make my day. Otroligt goa päron vi har alltså ;o)=

    Njut godsakerna Tine, Kram

    • Ja, det kan man gott säga. De bästa päronen som tar så gott hand om sina internationella döttrar! =o)

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