Oscars Red Carpet

It has started!

The red carpet event before the big Academy Awards! And it is as glamourous as any year. This year it looks like metals and flower details are a trend.

Sandra Bullock - Best Actress Nominee

Already, 1 hour in to the event, some women have shown off some spectacular dresses. My favorite so far is Sandra Bullock in a golden, figure hugging dress. She has her beautiful hair out and quite sleek on her head. The dark pink lips are a nice break from the subtle make-up. The general impression is very good. I just hope now that she wins that oscar! It will match her dress very well. Wonder if she planned that when she chose the dress…

Stanley Tucci in a classic black smoking, always reminds me of his character Nigel in The Devil Wears Prada. He is one of my favorites in the Best Supporting Actor category, but he’s up against other great actors so we will see if he can go home with that golden statuette this afternoon.

Sarah Jessica Parker - Stunning dress! Which I could fit in to something so gorgeous!

Sarah Jessica Parker arrived on the red carpet wearing a beige Chanel Couture with metallic flower details and her husband Matthew Broderick by her side. Her dress was different and interesting and I am sure many people will write and talk about her dress in the weeks (months) to come.

Zoe Saldana from Avatar

Zoe Saldana

Avatar is a big favorite this year for many awards, among them Best Picture, Best Director, Art Direction, Cinematography, Film Editing, Visual Effects…. Zoe Saldana, who plays Neytiri in this great 3D movie, is wearing a white-purple dress. Perhaps she wanted to tie to the theme of the blue “aliens” in Avatar. The dress is beautiful with a metallic corset on the top which is competing with the sparkles in this gorgeous actresses eyes. The split in the front became eminent when she carefully tread down the steps inside the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. The look is great all in all.

Woody Harrelson wears burbury suit “made of old hamp”, as Ryan Seacrest informed us all. He looks very handsome! Another favorite of mine for the Best Supporting Actor category.

Gabourey Sidie is nominated for Best Actress. She had the leading role in Precious. Her dress is dark blue with metallic flower details. It’s a nice looking dress, but surely, for her body type, there must have been other dresses to choose from. Hope she does better in her dress choice on other awards… Gabourey acted a bit flimsy on the red carpet, but she was obviously just excited by being there and being nominated. Good on her, but I don’t see her as a winner in the Best Actress category this year. Come again another time, Gabourey.

Gabourey Sidibe - Best Actress Nominee

Charlize Theron – light aubergine colored gown with interesting cups for her breast. The eyes are drawn towards her bussom instead of her face. Not very good, unfortunately.

Meryl Streep – white dress with long sleeves, with a low cut. The dress has a draping around her neck that goes down to the low cut. Her beautiful white pearl earrings matched her dress and blond hair. She looks beautiful, but a bit 80’s star.

Queen latifah – pink, metallic, jewelled shoulder diagonal to the waist. Her curvy body looks amazing in this dress. She definitely knows how to dress or her body. I wish I could go shopping with this incredible woman!

Maggie Gyllenhaal - Best Supporting Actress Nominee

Academy Award Nominee Maggie Gyllenhaal made me gasp when she stepped on the red carpet in her blue patterned figure hugging dress in a silky material. Had the dress been golden, she would have resembled the award which she is competing for this afternoon.

Jennifer Lopez – incandescent pink, figure hugging dress, with an interesting cut, a long tail and “fluff”, like a bow on one of the hips. Beautiful round earrings matches the color on her dress and she has slightly white-metallic eye make-up. A perfect look for this beautiful woman. Giuliana Rancic was speechless after seeing Jennifer Lopez dress and so was I. =o) Another favorite on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lopez and Demi Moore at the red carpet. Stunning looking women!

George Clooney - Best Actor Nominee

Then there’s always handsome George Clooney. He always looks good. But what’s up with the hair? Giuliana Rancic on E! Entertainment said he looks younger… Nah, just weird. I love his short hair cut. Bring it back, George!

Ok, the Academy Awards has just started. Time to tune in to the TV again. I’ll be back later with more updates about the Oscars!

For more great photos from the Red Carpet: Mail Online


2 responses to “Oscars Red Carpet

  1. The Hurt Locker is the favourite for Director and Picture, having won nearly every other single critics awards.

    • Yeah… I haven’t seen in yet so I can’t really say much about it. But I do hope James Cameron gets the Best Director Award. Best Film could be anything really, although i am surprised that District 9 is even in the category… Oh, well, he who lives shall see…=o)
      Thank you for reading my blog!

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