The brown gold

Have you ever felt that happy, tingeling feeling when you sit at cafe? The smell of coffee, the hum from the other cafe visitors, the taste of a nice, fresh cup of coffee and the taste of that desert full of bad calories that you’ve been craving for so long (even if it’s just the last 30 seconds since you lay your eyes on that slice of cake and you tell yourself you can start your diet tomorrow instead). It’s great! Just to be sitting there at the cafe with a good friend and enjoy the coffee, talk to your friend, laugh together, gossip and talk about the other cafe visitor’s choice of clothes for the day and think that “we’re so good”. 


But it’s not every day you get to do this with a very good friend. Very often you might be sitting in a cafe by yourself, sipping on your cup of coffee, barely touching that desert and reading a good book. Sure, the book is great, awesome really, but you can’t help your eyes sweeping over the crowded cafe and longingly looking at those 3 girl friends by the table animatedly laughing at something that one of them just said. 


There’s a charm about both of these situations. But what really keeps you going to that cafe every so often, with a friend or by yourself, is the coffee. That beautiful, sweet smelling, brown gold. 


Did you know that coffee was discovered in Ethiopia? Or that coffee contains zero calories. I’m not kidding! It’s a natural no calorie drink. Did you know that Swedes are among the heaviest coffee drinkers in the world? Or that coffee beans are not really beans, they are berries?

One of my favourite cups to drink coffee in. I have several....=o)

One of my favorite cups to drink coffee in. I have several....=o)


There are lots of facts about coffee out there. I think there’s one thing that makes coffee the best though. It’s good both if you make it at home, by it at a cafe or a coffee stand, consume it with friends, family or by yourself, it’s good with sweet bread, deserts or with a nice sandwich or just by itself and you can drink it by your desk, at the dining table, in the sofa, walking to work, at work…You can drink it warm, or cold (ice coffee)… And there is a kind of coffee for everyone, from the strong small espresso shot to the more creamy white chocolate mocha (which is more of a chocolate drink with a bit of coffee taste to it if you ask me). 


There’s only one down side to coffee as I see it. The coffee breath. Yep, we all know about it, whither you’ve had it yourself, your mother used to breath coffee breath on you when you were a child, your partner breaths coffee breath on you every day after breakfast, your boss breaths it all over you in meetings, or your grandparents home smell like coffee breath… You’ve smelt in, you know about it, you’ve had it…But that doesn’t stop the coffee addict from pouring another cup of that brown gold in to his/hers favorite cup, sitting down by his/hers desk, table or where ever it might be, and start sipping on that beauty. It’s a habit, it’s an addiction, but most of all. It’s a lifestyle. =o) 


Enjoy your coffee!



– Coffee is the common man’s gold, and like gold, it brings to every person the feeling of luxury and nobility.- Sheik Abd-al-Kadir

– Last comes the beverage of the Orient shore, Mocha, far off, the fragrant berries bore. Taste the dark fluid with a dainty lip, Digestion waits on pleasure as you sip. – Pope Leo XII

– The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it which the cheering influence of the afternoon or evening cup of tea cannot be expected to reproduce. – Oliver Wendall Holmes, Sr. 

– Make my coffee like I like my men: hot, black, and strong. – Willona Wood: Good Times 


2 responses to “The brown gold

  1. For en flott tekst! Du har virkelig fanget stemningen i en god kafè, med gode venner og god kaffe.

    Er mektig imponert over dine skrivekunnskaper=0)

    Keep on the good work!

    God klem

  2. Vilken underbar krönika du fått till där Tine…smaken av din text var så mkt bättre än den jag har i min kopp. Microvärmt kaffe från imorse… :O/

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